As a premier company providing services across a wide niche in the field of ICO management, we ensure to cover with every important domain. We have a wide array of services that are overlooked by team of dedicated professionals and experts that have the requisite expertise in the domain. We account for the provision of top notch services to deliver a seamless experience to all of our clients.

  • Marketing services, costs and plans:

Every individual ICO campaign seemingly has its very own set of requirements. Thus it would be relatively tough to devise a concrete plan which would suit in the structure of every ICO. Our team of dedicated professionals are acquainted with multiple industries and thus have earned the expertise of being proficient across multiple domains.

Our team of professionals assess the needs of the ICO and at the same time the industry under the label of which the company has been active. They devise a plan which shall perfectly suit the requirements of the campaign and thus help ton yield the best of results within the targeted time period. We account for a customized marketing plan, social media campaign and content marketing strategy which makes the entire ordeal of ICO promotion easier.

Owing to the aforementioned we are also able to keep the costs down to a bare minimum. It helps us aid in customer satisfaction and affordability. Owing to our top notch services in the ICO management sector, we are able tom deliver on time, with the desired results, all the while keeping the costs low.

  • Social Media marketing:

Over the years, with the inception of the premier social media platforms across the internet, a major proportion of the internet traffic can be seen to originate from it. With such a proficient amount of the traffic originating from the social media platforms, it is pretty natural for the marketing professionals to make abundant use of them for gaining benefits.

Digital marketing is a major constituent towards global recognition. The social media profiles essentially allow for greater interaction between the client and their user base. In terms of an emerging ICO, the social media platform is among the premier tools to interact with the prospective clients and the potential users.

Social media marketing (also referred to as SMM/SEM) requires a specialist approach. It is pretty different from the conventional approach that we have towards marketing and therefore expertise in the industry is required. With social media marketing, the productivity curve tends to be greater. Essentially a larger proportion of people are addressed which helps to yield better result at the end of the day.

As a company we are responsible for the proper planning and implementation of social media campaigns. We have a dedicated team of professionals that perform the requisite background research and thus segregate the targeted audience from the rest. In this manner we are directly able to interact with them by virtue of the social media profiles and company pages. On behalf of the clients we also ensure to manage these profiles in the correct manner so that our clients are able to properly gain the benefits of social media presence.

  • Community management:

Among the conventional digital marketing technologies that are still in practise, community management plays a major role. It allows for direct user engagement and also allows for the creation of the internet buzz, rendering the concept to a sensation in the world of the internet. As a part of a prudent ICO strategy we engage in direct forum discussions and active chat sessions with the targeted audience field.

Several chat threads can be found across a number of forums. We carefully segregate the most authentic and prudent ones from the lot so that the eventual thread of the chat sessions are beneficial towards the marketing strategy. It also helps to boost the prospects of ICO token presell to a considerable extent.

As a part of an ICO marketing strategy we ensure to employ the best in class professionals that are proficient at the work sorted to them. These professionals have abundant knowledge about the entire process and thus are able to curate a plan which would significantly help to boost the results of the marketing plan in the longer run.

  • ICO Content marketing:

Content management is among the most integral ones amidst ICO marketing services forwarded by our company. The content associated with an ICO management programme is among the most important and crucial ones out there. It is extremely vital to the proper implementation of the plan owing to the fact that it is among the primary means by virtue of which we interact with the prospective user base and investors.

As a refined ICO marketing strategy, content management helps to devise the ideology of user engagement. It is thus impeccable that we are able to orchestrate the most prudent and engaging content for our clients. The content not only helps to relay and confer the information but at the same time also allows the users to gain an insight into the upcoming token presale. When the content tends to be engaging and at par with the requisite standards, the readers are somewhat drawn into it. Thus the quotient of user engagement is enhanced and the word spreads like wildfire.

Considering the fact that it is primary form of readership available to the targeted audience pool, we dedicate a professional team of content management experts that curate the best and most engaging content as par the requisition of the client.  

  • Legal support and advice:

With the emergence of multiple ICO programmes every now and then, there have been instances where the people have encountered fraud ones as well. Owing to the increase in the rates of fraudulency, the authoritative bodies have enacted a certain set of regulations and legislative prospects to an ICO.

It would be thus wrong to state the fact an ICO is completely off the charts in terms of legal and legislative control. For a successful implementation of the ICO management programme it is thus important that the company associated with the ICO abide by a certain set of regulations.

In order to create ICO the concerned body or individual needs to be aware of these regulations. The governing bodies in different countries are different and therefore the regulations can also be different across the various regions. As an ICO management company we ensure our clients of complete assistance in the affairs of legal and judicial management of an ICO.

Our team of professional supports the client from end to end with the ICO registration process while ensuring that all the regulations are abided. Since we are acquainted with the entire process to its finest depths, we assure the best of legal support and advice to our clients associated with the upcoming ICO.

  • ICO whitepaper and how to write it:

The ICO Whitepaper is one of the most crucial elements associated with any upcoming ICO project. The whitepaper contains all of the requisite information with regards to the upcoming ICO project. It is almost similar to a prospectus which contains all of the requisite information regarding the proceedings, plans with regards to the future of the project, the roadmap of the project, the cryptocurrency evaluations, business prospects and much more.

An initial coin offering programme would be rendered incomplete without an ICO whitepaper owing to the fact that it also aids in authenticating the upcoming ICO. It can be regarded as an unofficial statement of authenticity since it contains the company information and the prospects of the business with the integration of the blockchain technology.

With aid from a dedicated team of professionals that expertise in development of ICO whitepaper, we are able to deliver a top quality, premium whitepaper which brings forth all of the requisite information and aids in better understanding of the upcoming ICO as a whole.