As a premier ICO management company, it is among our fundamental duties to ensure that we are able to provide for a comprehensive system that will allow the ICO rating algorithm to function in a flawless manner.

In order to achieve the aforementioned result, we have been successful at appointing a team of professional experts that determine the ICO rating by comprehensively looking into and analysing the ICO project in the best way possible. They make the use of a set algorithm structure which is encompassed of a number of features.

It would be ideal to say that the ICO marketing campaign which we bring forth to our clients is ideally based on the credentials of these parameters. What it does is that it enables the company to orchestrate the real life scenario which would affect the proficiency of the project in the real world. We take into account some of the core fundamentals which include the following:

  • ICO Risk Score: The risk score is basically the proposition of fraudulency which an upcoming ICO may have embedded within them. It is to be realized that not all ICOs in the present day market have authentication within their system. A major proportion also tends to be fraud and a very notorious method of gaining in on capital funds.
    The risk score is carefully calculated on a number of factors which comprise of the company’s profile, business propositions, product development and design, core statistics and much more. Special emphasis is laid on the credentials of background research as well. We take into account the development team, company performance over the years, developers associated with the project, ICO whitepaper credentials and much more.
  • ICO hype score: As the name suggests, the hype score is essentially the buzz about the emerging ICO among the potential investors in the market. This is basically the user engagement before the commencement of the actual project. Social media has a major role to play in orchestrating the hype score of an emerging ICO.
    The buzz about the emerging ICO in the mainframe of the crypto-market and the social media platforms accounts majorly for the hype score. The mention of the emerging ICO in the press forum is a major boost and an added advantage. Similarly mainstream media, Google analytics with respect to search engine results and website traffic are also taken into account.
  • Investment rating and verification: Both of these factors are largely dependent on the rating of the investors, the authenticity of the project along with the track record of the company in its former ventures.
    The investment rating can be addressed as a cumulative factor which has a number of other parameters associated. Qualitative characters like the technology associated with it, the main business idea and its efficiency in the present market, ROI and present market positions are among some of the key factors playing a major role in the ranking system.


The result calculation system is essentially based on points with respect to a number of integrals. Each of the integrals has a certain weightage to the ranking system which asserts the initial coin offering usability and how ethical it is as an investment option.

  • Usefulness (1 to 10 points): Weightage 3
  • Whitepaper (1 to 10 points): Weightage 2
  • Team Members and proficiency (1 to 10 points): Weightage2
  • Marketing Campaign (1 to 10 points): Weightage 1
  • PR and Social Media Campaign (1 to 10 points): Weightage 1
  • ICO Roadmap (1 to 10 points): Weightage 1

The attained points are multiplied to their weightage factor which ensures that we have a complete reading out of. Each of the factors is then added to each other which help to set the total points earned.