By virtue of an innovative ranking system which has been ethically developed taking into account several factors, we are able to assort the upcoming ICOs into platinum gold and silver categories. Each of the categories has a certain set of criterion attached to them which ensures that we are provisioned with a deciding protocol.

Platinum status: The ICOs that make it to the platinum status are basically the ones that have a cumulative score of 90 and above. This ensures that the platinum level ICOs are top notch and have the most premium ratings out there in the cryptocurrency idea.

The best of the upcoming ICOs that have the most positive aspects in them are the ones that are able to secure 90 and above. It would be ideal to say that the ones with the most prospects are segregated into the platinum status.

Gold Status: Following the platinum status, the ICOs which earn points between the ranges of 85 to 90, are the ones that end up being placed in the gold status. These are essentially the ones that are placed in the second tier of the classification.

It would be ideal to infer the fact that these ICOs are almost comparable to the ones in the top tier except for the fact that they have a very handful number of limitations.

Silver status: This is the final leg of the classification system. In order for the ICOs to be segregated into the silver status, hey must get a cumulative score of around 80 to 85. This ensures their marking into the list with the silver status.