People are often found to be prone to the ideology that investment in an upcoming ICO is much of a hassle. As a matter of fact it is a very easy process and can be completed by almost anyone with basic computing knowledge.

Over the years, people have been banking on the opportunity of ICOs as a major form of potential investment in the economic sector. It all can be witnessed from the fact that the emerging ICOs have been gaining a lot of public attention as more number of people envisions them as potential investment opportunities.

In order to invest in an ICO it is important that the person has access to either Ethereum or Bitcoin. It is owing to the fact that most of the emerging ICOs are brought forth into the market to gain on funds in the form of either of the two premier cryptocurrencies with BTC being the most preferred. With the launch of the ICO, which is structurally quite similar to that of an IPO, the person would need to transfer the requisite amount of BTC of ETH to the ICO company address.

Following the transfer, the company then provides the buyer with the requisite amount of funding in the form of the digital currency designed for the ICO. The buyer can choose to store the digital currency in the compatible digital wallets or platform which can later be used to redeem in exchange of company accredited services.

This digital currency generally has an integral exchange value with respect to the physical currency prevalent in the area or with respect to ETH and BTC. This price tends to fluctuate which causes the volatility in the market pricing. The investors use this volatility to their advantage and thus invest in the digital asset in exchange of monetary returns.