How can I be sure that the ICO project is real?

There have been several instances where the people have been duped in the name of an emerging ICO. Thus it is quite natural for people to be wary about all of the emerging ICOs in the market. It is thus necessary that we know how to segregate the fake ICOs from the real ones in the present economic and financial market.

There is however no hard and fast rule which applies to the proposition of deciphering a genuine ICO from a fake one. There are however a certain set of indicative points that can confer the reality about the ICO to the person. These are the signals which need to paid close attention since they can provide for all the requisite warning signs.

  • ICO Whitepaper:

The ICO whitepaper is the most prominent mark of authenticity at an incipient level. It is certainly among the best and most reliable ways by virtue of which a person can decipher a genuine ICO from that of a fake one.

The ICO whitepaper provides for a comprehensive insight into the fundamentals of the ICO project and the future plans adopted by the company. An incipient company needs to have the pathway carefully paved in order to ensure that everything goes in accordance with the plans. Shabby whitepapers or a lack of any whitepaper at all is an indication towards the fact that the company presumably is unsure and seemingly fake.


  • Background research


Background research with respect to the company’s past performance and growth curve can confer and relay a lot of information surrounding the authenticity of the ICO. The project plans of the ICO also need to be closely scrutinized since it can confer a lot of details. Anything suspicious or off the charts should be taken seriously as it could be a potential warning against a malicious intent.

What are the most promising ICOs of 2018?

There are a lot of emerging ICOs which seem to have a lot of potential stored in them. We have segregated two of the most prudent and promising ICOs of 2018 which can provide for significant returns on investment.


  • Telegram TON: TON is an abbreviated form for Telegram Open Network which will provide the blockchain technology with a common foundation so that at the end of the day they become more accessible to all of the general public.
    It is a common issue which has been prevalent within the blockchain technology and needs to be addressed with earnest. TON aims at solving this issue by providing the users with speed and accessibility, user anonymity and an easy to use interface. The wide user base can expect great security measures within the infrastructure of the emerging project.
  • KODAK ICO: Kodak is an international brand and has been able to bring forth prolific presence in the market for a very long period of time potentially over a period of two decades). The Kodak ICO aims at bringing forth a digital currency which will help to protect the digital rights of photographers.
    All forms of photographs on the platform will contain digital signatures and info regarding the creator which would help protects their ownership and production rights. It is a very promising venture considering the fact that it is being undertaken by Kodak and falls under the category of digital rights management.


Apart from the aforementioned, the COINTED token is also a very promising ICO venture which aims at reshaping the monetary system by virtue of cryptic ventures. All of the aforementioned ICO digital currency is very promising but everyone should assess the risks and make moves as par their own risk appetite. Patience in this case has its very own set of virtues and therefore investors that a generous amount of time in their hands would be making the most profits. It is a long time process, but surely can help to make a person millionaire since cryptocurrency is the next big thing in the financial arcadia.

What are the best upcoming cryptocurrency ICOs?

There are many cryptocurrency ICOs that are bound to enter the market in the coming days. Among the lot we have segregated 3 of the most promising ones which can bring about potential returns in great numbers to the investors.

  • Kodak ICO: Banking on the digital rights management sector for photographs and videos, Kodak is all set to bring forth an ICO that is catered to such an event. The premier reasons as to why the ICO is to be regarded as one with a lot of potential is the fact that Kodak is a universal name and has a major global presence.
    It is bound to gain the attention of a huge score of people considering the fact that all photography enthusiasts and professionals would want to cash in on the opportunity of protecting their digital media rights. The infrastructure of the company is equally promising which ensures for complete user privacy and anonymity.


  • TON: The Telegram Open Network (TON) aims at solving a very common issue which is prevalent in the present blockchain technology. It aims at the provision of a common foundation to the blockchain technology rendering it with the capability of becoming the next great ICO.
    It is a common issue which has been prevalent within the blockchain technology and needs to be addressed with earnest. TON aims at solving this issue by providing the users with speed and accessibility, user anonymity and an easy to use interface. The wide user base can expect great security measures within the infrastructure of the emerging project.


  • COINTED TOKEN: The Company aims at bringing a system of crypto ATM machines which would dispatch the crypto tokens associated with the company. This is a very ambitious move and could potentially help to reshape the money system as well.
    The reason why we feature the ICO on the list is owing to the fact that the idea is innovative and at the same time has been implemented as well. There are quite a few crypto tokens that are already functioning which are a testament to the fact that this ICO is already on the move with sound technological assets.

With the aforementioned ICOs, the possibilities of positivity are quite high. It would be safe to assume the fact that these ICOs have a promising future in 2018 and are certainly worth investing at our own discretion.

An ICO can make a person millionaire if they are wary of the process and have an eye for the future. It is the key to invest in the most promising and authentic ICOs since the returns in that case would be guaranteed. At the end of the day patience however plays a major role since nobody would get instantaneous returns. Prices would tend to be pretty volatile at times, but it is important to stand ones ground to gain the benefits at the end.  

Can you make money from ICO?

An ICO venture is essentially a symbiotic process which benefits both the company and the investors as well. It is thus appropriate to say that people on both the ends would end up making money if they are wary and have good knowledge about the procedure.

For the ICO Company, one of the fundamental reasons of engaging with the event is to rake in some funds for the development processes. The ICO tokens sale would actually help to recover a lot of funds for the project development plans which would further entitle the company to global expansion, thus attracting more revenue on a global scale.

From the point of the investor, the scenario is a little different but equally lucrative. The ICO token needs to be witnessed as a digital asset which has a certain valuation. The people that invested in bitcoin at the point of inception in the year 2011 (when bitcoin was priced at 0.30$ a piece only), have gained over 2000% profits as of late 2017.

Apparently a miniscule 100$ investment brings forth millions in returns which is a phenomenal deal in the present day market. Considering the aforementioned proposition, one can easily say that investing in the cryptocurrency as assets and selling them at the right time can help to yield a lot of money.

It is however not the case with every cryptocurrency out there and therefore people need to perform intense background research before venturing out into such a project. While the prospects of the initial coin offering ventures in the crypto arcadia seems to be promising and fruitful, caution needs to be maintained at all period of times.